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Why Pilates?

Pilates has so many benefits! Along with all the good it does for your body it is also a certified mood booster. By doing Pilates you will be... 

Increasing your flexibility

The dynamic stretching involved in Pilates will challenge your body in new ways. These fluid movements will not only increase your range of movement but will also release muscle tension and soreness, increasing overall suppleness and also helping stiff joints. 

Keeping your spine healthy

Pilates teaches awareness of neutral alignment of the spine, the exercises strengthen the deep postural muscles that support this alignment, alleviating and preventing back pain. The exercises are particularly safe for those with back problems.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Together with breathing and mindful movement Pilates strengthens the mind body connection, helping the body to release emotional tension and giving the mind a much needed rest from the stresses of everyday life. 

Building your strength

Pilates focusses on strengthening the deep core muscles in the abdominals and back which will improve your posture, stability, prevent back pain and lower the risk of injuries and falls. 

Toning and sculpting

The movements we do during Pilates will challenge your body and focus on both lengthening and strengthening the muscles, creating toned and sculpted muscles.

Learning how to breathe correctly

With good breathing we are able to maintain good posture, alignment and safely build core strength and stamina. The focus on breathing also brings awareness to your body and creates a calm state of mind.  

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What My Clients Say

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"Aimee is kind, patient and very skilled at teaching Pilates. During my 1:1 sessions, she explained the basics first before building up to more challenging movements, adapting exercises accordingly and making adjustments in order to benefit the most from them. She takes time to listen to my needs and her calm nature really puts you at ease. My the end of the session I feel lighter, energised and refreshed. I also feel stronger with regards to my back. I always look forwards to Pilates with Aimee and would highly recommend her"
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