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About Me

Aimee Thomas Sol Pilates, Body Control Pilates qualified teacher

My journey to becoming a Pilates teacher began when the Physiotherapist I was referred to after my second pregnancy recommended Pilates. I was lucky to find a great local teacher and fell in love with it pretty much straight away. My pregnancy had left me with Diastasis Recti (separated abdominal muscles) and a very weak core, which was causing lower back pain. Pilates helped me to regain the strength in my abdominals in a safe way and my whole body and mind felt better for it – improving my posture, flexibility and muscle tone. I found Pilates gave me a whole body work out whilst at the same time making me feel relaxed, I was definitely hooked. 


At the time I was looking for a new career after having children and I decided to train to be a Pilates teacher so I could help others experience the wonderful benefits of Pilates. I’m now a qualified Level 3 Matwork teacher through Body Control Pilates, renowned as the world leading education provider for Pilates teachers, their method is remarkably effective and medically approved. During my training I gained invaluable knowledge and skills from the highly experienced teachers there.


My sessions have a relaxed and friendly feel about them. I work with you to find your best alignment and to help you gain better awareness of good movement. Over time you will feel your posture and your strength improving. You will leave feeling calmer, lighter and free of tension, restfully assured that you have given your body what it needs! 

I really look forward to welcoming you to my sessions and sharing the benefits of Pilates with you.


What My Clients Say


"Aimee is kind, patient and very skilled at teaching Pilates. During my 1:1 sessions, she explained the basics first before building up to more challenging movements, adapting exercises accordingly and making adjustments in order to benefit the most from them. She takes time to listen to my needs and her calm nature really puts you at ease. My the end of the session I feel lighter, energised and refreshed. I also feel stronger with regards to my back. I always look forwards to Pilates with Aimee and would highly recommend her"
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